The RING Team is pleased to invite all its academic and industrial sponsors to the 2024 RING Meeting at the School of Geology, in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy

The annual RING Meeting is a privileged moment of interaction between students, researchers and RING Consortium affiliates.

Technical Conference (Tuesday and Wednesday)

The schedule will include presentations of RING Team researchers and students on their recent developments, findings, and ongoing work.
As each year, we also 
welcome contributions from sponsors to showcase their research work in integrative numerical geology to the community.
A poster session may be
organized depending on the number of presentation proposals received.

After the conference, only sponsors can access the presented material (proceedings, presentation slides and recorded presentations). 
The printed volume of proceedings of the conference is restricted to sponsors as well.

Please look at the Information for Authors for guidelines about the scientific contributions.



Demos & training sessions (Sponsors only)

After the technical talks, two days (Thursday & Friday) of trainings, demos and discussions are organized upon registration (schedule coming soon for further information).



Social events

A cocktail is organized after the first day of the technical conference (Tuesday, Sept.17). 
It is an opportunity for participants to become acquainted with each others. 
The RING Team is pleased to also invite participants to a dinner following the technical conferences (Wednesday, Sept. 18).



RING Meeting Online for Sponsors

Although we much expect to see you for real in Nancy, most of the conference will be streamed online for Sponsors to participate remotely.

Sponsors attending remotely will have the opportunity to ask questions using Teams.

The technical talks will be recorded and accessible on the Sponsor's Corner after the conference.


 Registration and fees

Online pre-registration* and registrationJune 24 - August 19
* Invoice sent after pre-registration for non-members. Registration will be confirmed only after the registration fee is paid.

Registration fees

  • Consortium affiliates : FREE

  • Selected non-member delegates registration until July 29 
    (on site attendance only): 400.00€

  • Selected non-member delegates registration from July 30 to August 19 
    (on site attendance only): 700.00€

The on-site participation includes:

  • Attendance to technical conference 
  • Lunches
  • Refreshments (Coffee, snacks, breakfast)
  • Cocktail (Tuesday)
  • Conference dinner (Wednesday)

    Please note : The trainings and open lab sessions are open to members of the Consortium only.
    The Proceedings are also confidential and stricly reserved to sponsors of the RING Consortium.


Captation & Photographs 


Please read the Captation Policy  and the Photography Policy before you complete the registration form.

The conference will be recorded and broadcasted online by the Captation Team of the University of Lorraine. 
Your image, interventions in the framework of the 2024 RING Meeting will be therefore recorded. 
Photographs will also be taken during the event by members of the RING team, to promote the event.

Your consent is requested for captation and photographs (see registration form).


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Confidentiality Policy

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